• KNUPATH Hermosa Processor

    KNUPATH Hermosa processor uses a super-scalable architecture based on neurological design, accelerating targeted workloads far beyond legacy architectures.

  • LambdaFabric

    LambdaFabric™ delivers ultra-low latency connection to up to 512,000 heterogeneous computing elements: Today supporting KNUPATH Knureon processors, and in the future extending to partner computing and storage components.

  • Data Center Neural Computing

    We approach processing and computing in the same way that the brain operates. Through our research and exclusive intellectual property create silicon designs enabling super-scalable data center neural computing - that adapts computing to the application, not vice versa.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning offers new opportunities to understand our world, improving the performance of an explosion of applications from driverless cars to systems that recommend the DVD you should watch tonight.