KNUPATH Hermosa 1000 Series Developer Board

 KNUPATH is changing how the world addresses large-scale machine learning, signal processing and data analytics workloads.   Our innovative LambdaFabric™ and KNUPATH Hermosa processor deliver a powerful, more effective architecture for maximum performance and continuous scaling.  We are making it easy to get started with our technology through our Developer Board Access Program via the form below.



  • System board with 2x KNUPATH Hermosa processors
  • Supports scaling to multiple KNUPATH Hermosa 1000 Series Developer Boards
  • Up to 512 GFLOPS capability
  • Local host ARM processor
  • 2GB Local RAM
  • Power Supply
  • Software code listings
  • Example applications
  • Support software for PC
  • Tool Suite
  • Schematics

If you would like to request a development board kit, please fill out the form below.