A highly scalable processor in a single socket is handicapped in addressing growing machine learning and large-scale computing challenges. Our LambdaFabric™ enables a large number of our KNUPATH Hermosa processors to be interconnected in low latency, high throughput mesh for massively parallel thinking. This architecture is well suited for the massively parallel application needs that will will be driving the compute engines of the future. As technology is changing, LambdaFabric is there to join all of the compute elements together into a highly scalable system.

Key LambdaFabric Features


Linear Scalability brings the ability to scale up to 512,000 chips

Highly Parallel
Customizable Parallel Compute that can be tuned and optimized on a per application basis

Scalable Memory
Scalable Memory System that grows linearly with every socket, enabling the system to keep pace with application as it scales up to meet demand.